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What Major/Career Path Do I Want to Take?


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Major and Career Search - Wondering how can you pursue your interests in college and beyond? Search by keyword or browse by category to explore hundreds of majors and careers.

Exploring Careers Step-by-Step   - How do you begin to decide which career is right for you? These three steps can get you started.
The Scoop: How I Got Started on My Career Path - How can you find a career path that fits after college? People who love their jobs share how small steps can open doors.
Add Up Your Interests: Career Possibilities - It’s never too early to think about your future. Look at the areas that interest you. You just may find a career that matches your interests.
Industries with the Fastest and Biggest Growth - What are some of the fastest-growing industries? Find out which fields are expected to produce the most new jobs by 2018.
Matching Careers to Degrees - Find out what type of career you can pursue with your degree — or find out whether the career you want requires an advanced degree.
Reading Career Profiles - How do you know you’re making the right decision about a career? Explore your choice further by asking yourself these 10 questions.
Career Websites:

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) : For hundreds of job types, the OOH provides information about the training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects and working conditions.


New York Job Source : Numerous jobs in New York State, including top private companies and government agencies.

Researching Colleges

  Useful site to help students research colleges by a number of specific criteria including location, course of study, size, support services, etc. 

Common Application

  The college application that can be submitted to more than 350 universities.


  Information, online applications, links to all the SUNY campuses. 


  Information, online applications, links to all the CUNY campuses.

  Searchable database of over 4,500 college and university homepages.

American Universities

  Links to the home pages of many American Universities.

College Net

  Search for colleges by name, location, enrollment, tuition, major, affiliation and sports. Also includes a scholarship search, financial aid information and other college resources.

Campus Tours

  Online source for virtual college tours, interactive maps, college webcams, QuickTime VR tours, campus movies and pictures.

  Schools that do not use SAT/ACT scores for admitting significant number of students   

  Complete listings of schools in the United States, including summer programs and jobs


  College comparisons


  Complete listing of every private college in New York State


  Online college information search


  Quick college search; provides links to colleges