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What is the Common Application?

Common App is a non-profit college access organization that helps students apply to college every year. Common App’s free college application tool is designed to make applying to college faster and easier. With Common App you only need to use one system to apply to multiple colleges and universities (SUNY and/or private universities). We strongly recommend that students use Common App rather than whenever possible. There are two main parts you fill out: a set of common questions and each college’s own specific questions. The best part is you only have to fill out the common questions one time!



Which Colleges Can I Apply to on the Common App?


Common App Ready: Resources to Help Plan & Organize


What is FERPA?


Step by Step (with videos) How to Complete the Common App


Step by step instructions on completing Common App


Collegewise Common App Guide




Remember, every college on the Common App has different application deadlines/additional requirements. Use this worksheet to keep track of all these items:


Common App Requirements Worksheet



***DO NOT FORGET: you MUST link your Common Application to your Naviance account in order for transcripts and recommendation letters to be sent. See the video below for step by step directions on how to do so:




Use the links below to see all requirements (essays, needed teacher and/or counselor recommendation letters, college deadlines, etc) for all colleges that use the Common Application.

Common App Requirements Grid 2021-2022


Key for Common App Req Grid Terms