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College Application Fee Waivers






Eligibility to receive fee waivers for the SAT and ACT exams as well as college application fees are determined by the NYC Dept of Education income verification forms.  If you have not already completed and submitted your child’s income verification form, please complete the online form at (we are district 24).



College Fee Waivers - Common Application/CUNY/SUNY




Common App

  • The Common Application  fee waiver process is completed entirely online.  Financially disadvantaged students request a fee waiver in the "Profile" section "Common App Fee Waiver".  The counselor will then confirm this information online via Naviance.  The Common App fee waiver waivers application fees to all colleges to which a student applies via the Common App site. Application fees vary by college.
  • Non Common App colleges (MIT, Georgetown, etc.) often accept the CollegeBoard fee waiver, available to students who used SAT fee waivers via their online account at Eligible students who did not use a fee waiver for the SAT may ask their College Counselor about using a NACAC fee waiver. NACAC Fee Waiver


  • Students using to apply to SUNY institutions ($50 per SUNY school) rather than using the Common App must obtain a separate SUNY fee waiver from the College Office, which they must complete, sign, and mail to SUNY ASC. We strongly recommend that students use Common App rather than whenever possible. SUNY Fee Waiver Request Form (note that the SUNY fee waiver only covers the cost of seven (7) SUNY applications).





  • All seniors who are categorized as financially disadvantaged students as determined via completion of income verification forms are eligible for a CUNY Fee waiver (this will cover the entire $65 application cost).