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9th & 10th Grade College & Career Planning

It's never too early to prepare!

Take a few minutes to explore these tips and ideas, and then combine them with the input you receive from your counselor, teachers and friends/family. Then work hard, do well, have fun, plan for the future, and contribute to your school community. You will find that you will be prepared to immerse yourself in all that college has to offer.
Did You Know?
  • The courses you take in high school are important
  • Take academics seriously and keep your grades up
  • Get to know your teachers, counselors and principals
  • Get involved
  • Start saving for college
  • Make the most of your summer
  • Get ready for college tests
  • Get to know yourself
  • Explore careers that interest you
  • Research job trends 
  • Make a list of colleges that interest you
  • Begin visiting college campuses
  • Explore ways to pay for college