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  • Seven Nation Army written by Jack White & arranged by Larry Moore 1:53 Senior Orchestra Showcase

    Greetings Maspeth!

    I am pleased to highlight the Class of 2020-2021 Orchestra. This senior class has worked diligently to practice and perform under unique circumstances. I would like to thank our students for their dedication; parents and families for their patience and open-mindedness towards in-home rehearsals; and administration for their continuous support.

    Please enjoy "Seven Nation Army" (written by Jack White & arranged by Larry Moore). Below is a list of student participants.

    Thank you and have a great summer!

    Mr. Tarantola

    Class of 2021 Orchestra

    Kazi Arshad

    Seajuti Barua

    Cristian Calle

    Joceline Caro

    Gissel Chavez

    Jorge Contreras

    Christine Decastro

    Atahan Deryahan

    Melanie Flores

    Yanyra Garces-Rocha

    Amir Hageb

    Erick Jarama

    Grazelle Juanillo

    Michael Julca

    Johnatan Lucero

    Jocelyn Lucero

    Marlon Orellana

    Wilfredo Osario Jr.

    Bryan Perez

    Jeffrey Pulido

    Bryant Sarmiento

    Crista Santiago

    Ricardo Segura

    Jhon Sesme

    Jason Sherchan

    Paul Tapia

    Giovanna Vicari

    Uploaded Jun 24, 2021
  • NYC DOE iPad Returns 1:11 NYC DOE iPad Returns

    Ensuring all our students have access to the tools they need is a matter of equity—and we need your help! For more info, visit

    Uploaded Jun 18, 2021
  • Maspeth Making a Difference members beautify Maspeth 00:41 Supporting the Community @ Maspeth High School

    M.M.A.D. members beautify Maspeth

    Uploaded Apr 11, 2021
  • Arts Department Promotional Video 4:08 Arts Department Promotional Video

    Uploaded Feb 22, 2021 to Dance, Music, and 2 more
  • Gym Walk 00:13 Gymnasium Entrance

    Walking into the gymnasium.

    Uploaded Dec 09, 2020 to Health & Physical Education
  • Maspeth High School Open House Presentation 2020 9:06 Maspeth High School Open House Presentation 2020

    Maspeth High School Open House Presentation 2020

    Uploaded Dec 03, 2020

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