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What is Naviance?


Naviance is a web-based research and planning tool for students, parents, and guidance counselors. The website manages individual students as they move through the entire college planning, application, and decision process. Through Naviance counselors and students can communicate about upcoming deadlines and important notices.



Through Naviance's EDocs our college advisor electronically submit transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other important application documents to the SUNY/private colleges to which our seniors apply. Naviance will be seniors' first and most important resource for college planning.  



Students and families: Please head to and login with your credentials to gain access to Naviance, a wonderful online portal that will make applying to colleges so much easier, and helps you and myself keep track of your progress and applications. Students will be creating their logins in school.



**Parents, if you would like your own Naviance account to monitor your child's progress, please contact me at for your access code.**