College Corner

Here you will find an endless number of college resources, from how to apply, completing applications, fee waivers and more! This College Corner will be updated frequently, so be sure to come back and check out new links and announcements!

**Updates to admissions process for graduating class of 2020:


CONGRATS! YOU MADE IT! For some it may feel like this took forever, and others may feel like they blinked and it was reaching the end of senior year!

As you are receiving your college decisions, it is time to begin thinking about which college you want to commit to. Remember, the national deadline to commit to a college is May 1, 2020. This means by May 1st you must inform which college's offer you are accepting AND pay the commit fee (and if you are dorming) the housing fee as well.

Due to COVID19, many colleges have chosen to extend their commitment deadlines (check with each college)

 - Update CUNY deadlines: https://www.cuny.edu/admissions/undergraduate/afteradmitted/
 - Update SUNY deadlines: https://www.suny.edu/counselor/deposit-deadlines/
-  Other extended deadlines: https://www.acceptgroup.org/extended-deadlines


Use the guides below to make sure you are taking care of any and all steps to commit to your college. Note that not all steps may apply to you.


CUNY Enrollment Guides: https://www.newvisions.org/pages/cuny-guides

SUNY Enrollment Guides: https://www.newvisions.org/pages/suny-guides 

Private College Enrollment Guides: https://www.newvisions.org/pages/private-college-guides



There is still time to apply for financial aid!!!!


Note there is STILL TIME to submit the financial aid application, to see if you qualify to receive financial assistance to help pay for your education.


Use the resources below to guide you through the application process:


How to create a FSA ID: https://1.cdn.edl.io/Y4uZI4CsRPuXWrtf8eQjJ8ZQrxKQlVt88sreZQph4ZYgTuXZ.pdf


How to complete FAFSA: https://4.files.edl.io/276e/12/05/19/221344-1a37ea16-fc3e-4b4d-a101-bad1fb6b162d.pdf


How to complete TAP: https://4.files.edl.io/a395/12/05/19/221419-133f645d-5f8a-455e-a1f3-5e7b6fa3b1be.pdf


Videos that assist: https://studentaid.gov/resources

I know this whole process is quite scary and intimidating. I want you to remember one thing: