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Global History II

10th Grade Global History and Geography II is a course designed to help students become historians, critical thinkers, and writers.  Rigorous analysis of primary and secondary sources is required in this course for a deeper understanding of history and current events.  Students will explore world events from the Enlightenment to the present-day, through various perspectives and lenses.  They will make global connections that lead to in-depth understanding and conversation.  Students will prepare for the Tenth Grade Regents Examination in Global History and Geography by intensive exposure to stimulus-based question sets, constructed response writing, and essay writing that focuses on issues that have endured throughout time.  Students will be exposed to and examine books, newspapers, government documents, journals, art, photographs, political cartoons, and artifacts.  Our goal is to help students identify and appreciate the parallels between history and the modern world so that they can be active participants in their communities and the broader world.