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AP World History II

Advanced Placement (AP) World History II is a two-year course designed to develop students into historians, critical thinkers, and writers.  In this 10th grade section of the course, students will explore world events from the Enlightenment to the present.  Students will examine a variety of themes and concepts that include but are not limited to the following: demography and disease; migration; patterns of settlement; technology; religions; belief systems, philosophies and ideologies; science; the arts and architecture; political structures and forms of governance; empires; nations and nationalism; revolts and revolutions; regional, transregional, and global structures and organizations; agricultural and pastoral production; trade and commerce; labor systems; industrialization; capitalism and socialism; gender roles and relations; family and kinship; racial and ethnic constructions; and social and economic classes.  As students analyze primary and secondary sources, they will gain a sense of chronology and learn to build and defend theories.