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Film & Literature

In the first semester of the Film & Literature course, students are exposed to the industry of film, which includes film crews, film set, and cinematography. Students learn and apply cinematic techniques, such as camerawork, sound effects, and acting, while analyzing and writing critiques on various films: shorts, full-length films, and classics. An underlying goal is to show and study the connection between film and literature, that film can be construed as an effective medium for written works.

Regarding films, they are carefully selected both to expose students to a variety of filming techniques and to serve as a source of analysis for reflection and inspiration. Students first explore horror and then move onto other genres. In each film, students are expected to analyze specific elements, such as lighting, camera transitions, and screenwriting.

In the second semester, students will carefully plan for, prepare for, and create their own film, ensuring that they include a multitude of skills and techniques they learned in the previous semester. To emphasize the literary aspect of the course, students will concentrate on screenwriting: building up characters, constructing the plot, and presenting the conflict.