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Ballet III

Ballet III - Advanced Ballet and Modern Dance. An advanced dance course to further technical skills in ballet and modern dance and explore the emerging dance styles and histories of American dance in the 20th and 21st Century. We will follow the American Ballet Theater’s National Training Curriculum as well as study the emerging American neoclassical movement of the early 20th century through the work of Balanchine. Advanced dance techniques such as the use of croisé, epaulement and allongé will be introduced. Students in this course will refine and advance their technical skills, analyze and critique masterworks, create full-length choreography projects, and study the modern dance techniques of Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, José Limon, Paul Taylor and Alvin Ailey.  Ballet Three coursework includes the Five Strands of Learning Dance as set out in the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance - Dance Making, Developing Dance Literacy, Making Connections, Working with Community and Cultural Resources, Exploring Careers and Lifelong Learning, as well as being aligned with all NY State and National Standards in Dance Arts.