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Ballet I

Ballet I - Introduction and Fundamentals of Ballet. Beginning dance course to introduce the practice and origins of classical dance through both physical engagement and the academic study of dance through history and theory. Introduces the students to the 7 Fundamental movements in ballet, the 5 positions of the arms and feet, and the order of the barre and center work by following the guidelines of the American Ballet Theater’s National Training Curriculum. Students will also study various other dance techniques and disciplines from around the world as well as work on beginning dance composition through group choreography projects connected to important eras of Dance History from Ancient Dance up to the Renaissance Era. Ballet One coursework includes the Five Strands of Learning Dance as set out in the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance - Dance Making, Developing Dance Literacy, Making Connections, Working with Community and Cultural Resources, Exploring Careers and Lifelong Learning, as well as being aligned with all NY State and National Standards in Dance Arts.