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Transition Resources

Transition Resources

Resources for Career-Ready and College-Bound Students

ACCES-VR (Previously VESID) - ACCES-VR provides vocational rehabilitation services to students with disabilities. Students can register with ACCES-VR upon turning 16, and a counselor from ACCES-VR will be at Maspeth High School twice this year to provide an overview and orientation of services offered.  

Access-a-Ride - Service offered through the MTA for people with disabilities who cannot otherwise use a bus or  subway. One-way fare is the same fee as a full fare on mass transit. the passenger must pay the driver at the time of the ride, and drivers do no provide change. All participants in this program must register for service (click the link), and it is recommended that all reservations be made two days in advance.

Application for Reduced Fare Metrocard (MTA) - Persons with a qualifying disability can receive discounted metrocards from the city of New York.

Summer Youth Employment - All students can apply for employment through the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development. SYP operates on a lottery system - applicants are chosen at random.

Travel Training (NYCDOE District 75) - Travel training is provided through the DOE via referral. Parents, students and teachers can refer a student for travel training. Students must be aged 14-21. Call 212-673-1242 for more information.

YAI - A network of agencies serving people with disabilities throughout life, including travel training, mental health services and residential opportunities, among many others.

Career Resources for Students

55a Program -A program funded through the NYC Mayor's Office for people with disabilities that provides non-competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities in NYC. Please click the link above or call (212) 386-0257

Apollo Theater Academy - Provides opportunities and internships for students who are interested in working behind the scenes in theater and live performance. Visit the link above for more information.  

Culinary Tech Center
 - Culinary Tech Center (CTC) offers a culinary arts program and a program in hospitality services. CTC accepts students with and without disabilities into their programs, and financial aid is available for those who qualify. Click the link above or call 347-871-9024

National Business & Disability Council (NBDC) at The Viscardi Center - An employer organization and resource for people with disabilities that helps place qualified applicants in meaningful employment. NBDC works with Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies that are committed to disability diversity. Visit the link above for more information.

NYIT Vocational Independence Program - NYIT offers four programs for students with disabilities: a vocational training program, a pre-degree program, an associates degree training program, and a summer program. A brochure for the program can be foundhere. There will be an open hour on November 7th, 2015. 

Out of School Youth (OSY) - NYC Department of Youth and Community Development program for low-income youth who are not working and not currently enrolled in school. OSY provides training and assistance with finding permanent work.

School of Cooperative Technology (Co-op tech) - The School of Cooperative Technical Education - with campuses in all five boros - provides students with half-day vocational training programs in building trades, health careers, information technology (IT) and service industries. Students who are 16-20 years old may register. You must be enrolled in school, enrolled in a GED program or have a valid high school diploma or GED diploma. Students with and without IEPs are invited to enroll. Co-op Tech is part of the department of education, and there is no fee for enrollment; tuition is free. For more information, visit the link above or call (212) 369-8800 

Young Adult Internship Program - Provides 16-24 year old low-income young adults who are not currently enrolled in school or currently employed with a short-term internship opportunity. the program consists of a 14 week paid orientation, followed by 9 months of career assistance and training programs. for more information, visit the link, or call 

Workforce1 - Workforce1 helps prepare and connect qualified candidates to job opportunities in New York City. Anyone can apply to Workforce1 - either in person or online. for more information, visit the link above.

Career Planning Assessments

The following sites will help you narrow your career choices and explore your interests and abilities:

CareerOneStop - Sponsored by the United States Department of Labor, CareerOneStop offers career and college planning tools, tips for resume writing and job search, and information about internships, among other resources.

CareerZone - CareerZone is produced by New York State and requires users to create a unique login to save their information. CareerZone offers a variety of assessments and resources to help plan a career path.

Human Metrics Personality Test - Based on Jung's theory that there are 16 personality types. This online assessment will give you a basic understanding of your personality. This is not something that should be considered a "fact," but rather a tool for self-assessing your personality. 

My Next Move - Career planning advice and services.

College Resources

College Board - Register for the SAT and SAT II Subject tests; you can also find preparation materials for both tests and find tools for your college search - including financial aid and career planning.

CUNY LEADS - CUNY LEADS was established to help improve academic and career outcomes for students with disabilities; eligible students must have a valid IEP and must attend a CUNY university. CUNY LEADS offers services such as academic advisement, career counseling, resume and interview assistance, among many others. for more information, visit the link above. 

FAFSA - Free application for Federal Student Aid through the United State Department of Education. Provides financial assistance and information for students and their families about paying for college. All students who will require assistance paying for college should fill out a FAFSA application before enrolling in their college or university. 

TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) - New York State's financial aid program, which is similar to FAFSA, but not the same. All students in NY state who are planning on attending college should apply to both FAFSA and TAP.

Scholarship Opportunities for All Students

Big Future - College Scholarship Search from The College Board.

Cappex - College search tool that also has a scholarship search feature.

Chegg - College scholarship search tool.

FastWeb - Another scholarship search tool.

Scholarship Monkey - Search for scholarships through a personalized search engine, search by keyword, or search by category.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Do It - Great resource with information for paying for college. Towards the bottom of the page there is a listing of multiple scholarships for students with disabilities. - Financial Aid information for students with disabilities, including links to multiple scholarships and other resources. 

Go College - A few more scholarships, focusing mostly on opportunities for students with Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Bifida. 

School Soup - Scholarship opportunities for students with physical disabilities. the site has a tool that matches students with scholarships for which they are eligible.