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Provision of Health Services

Provision of Health Services

Guidelines for the Provision of Health Services and/or Section 504 Accommodations For Students in New York City Public Schools


The New York City Department of Education and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of School Health work collaboratively to make certain that all students with special needs are provided services to ensure their full participation in the educational setting.

There are four types of request and authorization forms:

• Medication Administration Form (MAF) - should be completed only for requests involving administration of medication for students. For cases of asthma, providers may attach an Asthma 34 Action Plan with the MAF. Use of nebulizers on school trips can be cumbersome, please consider prescribing inhaler and spacer whenever possible.

• Provision of Medically Prescribed Treatment (Non-Medication) - should be completed when requesting special procedures such as bladder catheterization, postural drainage, tracheal suctioning, gastrostomy tube feeding, etc. This form may be used for all skilled nursing treatments.

• Diabetes Medication Administration Form: should be completed for students with Diabetes who require any of the following: glucose monitoring, insulin and/or glucagon administration.

• Request for Section 504 Accommodation(s) - should be used when requesting special services such as a barrier-free building, elevator use, testing modification, etc. This form should NOT be used for Related Services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, counseling, etc. which is properly addressed and provided by a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Please contact the school with any questions.