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Senior Attendance Policy

The Senior Attendance Policy is pending update.
Below is a list of our attendance expectations:
  1. Seniors are expected to attend school and attend every class on their schedule, on time, everyday.
  2. If you have Senior Seminar first period, then “on time” for you is 9:00am (when second period begins).
  3. If any senior is late or absent from school, they will need a note to excuse the lateness or absence. It is the seniors’ responsibility to monitor their attendance and stay on top of their academics.
  4. Excessive unexcused absences and/or latenesses may lead to probation or forfeiture of senior activities.
    1. Examples of excused absences are college visits, doctor appointments, family vacations, school trips, etc.
    2. Examples of unexcused absences include undocumented absences (cut), undocumented lateness, etc.
  5. Senior check-ins will take place in December and March, where parent meetings will be held in order to address attendance and academic concerns.