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Mathematics Department 


Supply List:

  • Notebooks (for class notes)

Students are required to have either a three ring notebook that is sectioned off for Mathematics or a 5 star Spiral Note book. REMINDER: No work from other classes is to be mixed with your Math notes. We will be using the first 2 – 3 pages as a table of contents, so it is important that your section remains labeled and completely math related.


  • Pack of Loose-leaf (for collected home-work)

Homework will be checked and/or collected each day. It is important that students have loose-leaf so pages are not torn from books or mixed with class notes. 


  • Folders (for packets, review sheets, home-work, etc.)

Students will need a folder to put handouts, and assignments in. It is important that students save their work and are able to find it if necessary.  


  • Pencils:

Students MUST have a daily supply of pencils (Preferably more than 1). Pens are not suitable for math work and can ruin a page of notes. NO pens are allowed in math class without the prior permission of the teacher.


  • 1 Calculator:

Students will need a calculator for Math class. A graphing calculator is required for ALL math classes from Geometry on. It is recommended that a graphing calculator is bought from the start. They last for a very long time and will be required in any college math course anyway. ***Preferable: Texas Industries: Ti-83 Plus or Ti-84 Plus. These calculators can be bought online at amazon, OfficeMax, staples, etc. The TI-83 is approximately 80 – 85 dollars, and the Ti-84 is approximately 120 - 130 dollars.