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Strategies for Academic Success

Maspeth High School was founded on the belief that teachers are skilled professionals whose voices should shape school policy and procedure. As such, teachers are entrusted with responsibilities which are often relegated to administrators in other schools. The school culture developed at Maspeth High School is one in which students, and their well-being, are at the forefront of every educator's professional experience. By placing its trust in teachers, the school leadership team has established a community of educational leaders and innovators. Teachers have embraced the freedom to build their own curriculum and to experiment with the latest developments in pedagogy. By focusing on the student experience, the staff has collectively developed a shared set of practices and a willingness to solicit feedback from both their peers and supervisors. At its heart, Maspeth High School is truly a community of learners from school leaders to students, there is an understanding that we can always strive to be a better version of ourselves.
As part of this effort to constantly improve, teachers have assumed more formal leadership roles within the school. As of the 2017-18 school year, two Maspeth High School teachers were promoted to become assistant principals within the school, two teachers were nominated and approved as New York City Department of Education Model Teachers, and two teachers were enrolled in post-graduate programs to become school leaders. As a school that promotes leadership from within, Maspeth High School has remained committed to its core values of truth, beauty and goodness and its vision that our students will become leaders in all fields of personal endeavors through academia and to be physically, emotionally and intellectually healthy with determination and compassion.
The effect of Maspeth High School's shared leadership has trickled down to students who have impressively assumed leadership roles within the community and across the country. Maspeth High School students have been the voice of LGBT rights, lobbied with local politicians for equal gender sports offerings, raised funding and awareness for charitable causes -- including the March of Dimes, Women in Need, and the construction of a library in Ghana -- and achieved numerous honors from city championships for boys varsity basketball and varsity wrestling, to a Gates Millennium Scholarship and a Yale University scholarship.