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School Climate/Culture

Maspeth High School's administrative team is comprised of former teachers with extensive special education experience who share the fundamental belief that all students can learn; this belief system serves as the guiding principle for all decisions made at the school. As a school known for its high expectations, we are consistently striving to provide students with the most comprehensive supports to ensure their physical well-being and emotional and intellectual growth. At the forefront of this approach is the school's pupil personnel team, which is comprised of the school's student support personnel and meets weekly to discuss and evaluate the social and emotional needs of our students. The school employs two guidance counselors, a social worker, a psychologist, two speech and language therapists, a college counselor, two community associates and - through a partnership with Catholic Charities - two additional counselors.
Our administrative team also entrusts our teachers to assume significant responsibilities beyond the classroom. In addition to their teaching duties, teachers host office hours and meet with an advisory group weekly. Teachers also serve the school as coordinators of student activities, advisory coordinators, club advisors, class advisors and coaches. Our school's comprehensive after-school offerings ensure that a vast array of student interests are met, which creates opportunities for students to build strong bonds with their teachers outside of the classroom.
Our administrative team considers teacher professional development to be a top priority. The team has coordinated opportunities for the entire staff to engage in professional development opportunities within New York State and across the country. Since the school's inception, teachers have been provided the opportunity to attend conferences hosted by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, The School Reform Initiative, Thayer Leadership Academy at West Point, The Council for Exceptional Children, The National Science Teacher Association, The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, The Danielson Group, The Yale School of Management and The National Art Education Association, among many others.
As a school, we recognize the importance of a productive collaboration between union leadership and our administrative team to ensure a supportive culture in which teachers feel appreciated and respected as professionals. School leaders and teachers regularly solicit feedback through formal surveys, panel discussions, and informal meetings. Teachers are recognized for their achievements through our various social media outlets and ceremonies throughout the year. Maspeth High School's Parent-Teacher Association also contributes to teacher recognition, regularly hosting teacher appreciation gatherings.