Community Celebrates Maspeth High School's Blue Ribbon Honor

"Congratulations . . . Maspeth High School," Borough President Melinda Katz
“Maspeth High School is a great school with a wonderful staff and plenty of opportunities for young people.  It’s a very clean school, and the staff is always very helpful.” Siobhan McGlone
"Go Maspeth High School you are the best." Cheryl Stanley
"Congratulations well done," Joann Bucaria
"The Best!" Lisa Lisa
"That’s awesome sauce." Lori O'Reilly Angelone
"Congratulations," Miriam Michel Metzger
"So glad to see my son's High School receive this great honor! Deserving! Building great minds and great people in society!" Pandora Spelios
"Congratulations," Drita Ivovic

"It’s an incredible honor to be recognized for the hard work that our staff does for the community.  We’re doing right by our students and its an honor that the federal government is recognizing us for it.” Keith Powell, United Federation of Teachers Chapter Leader for Maspeth High School

"Nice!" Jennifer Ann 
"Excelente congrats," Nedda Cedeño 
"Congratulations,"  Angela Walsh