Maspeth High School Senior Reflects On His Final Year

"Basketball is beautiful. The wins. The losses. The pain. The joy. The grind. The beauty of this game is that you can feel the wins, the losses, the pain, the joy, and the grind all at once. The moments that you cherish and the moments that you want to forget always exist in your mind. It’s a never ending loop of happiness or sadness only stopping the contrary when you’re feeling happy or sad. The stress on your body will never amount to the stress that it will put in your head. Everything about this sport hurts, it’s really a relationship, a tough one to say the least. I️ mean a healthy relationship is about communication and I️ know damn well I️ haven’t gotten a word from the rim or the ball for the past 11 years. But it’s interesting how as ball players we do communicate with the court, the rim, and the ball. The squeaks and the scratches from the bottom of our sneakers speaks to our movement. The swish of the net attached to the rim says good shot; nice make. The ball as it bounces on the court allows a symphony of echoes when alone in a gym. What I’m trying to get at is beauty will always be beauty regardless of how it’s displayed. Never let a human that isn’t you make you feel or think otherwise. The beauty of a tough loss is it blossoms something greater than it was before the defeat. It will blossom a special drive. A drive to better yourself along with your teammates. A drive to better the people you coexist with. Never stop loving this game regardless of how much torment you may feel. Basketball is a microcosm to life. Everything you feel on and off the court will be felt for the rest of our lives. It will be translated into every single day of your life. Learn to appreciate the beauty that this game gives regardless of what form it may be. It’s love  for the game that created our opportunities. Let it be love that’ll create even more. 
Even though our season is over and this version of the team is finished playing together, the bond we’ve built can never be broken and the mark we have made can never be erased. Thank you for being great teammates. There’s a quote that says 'alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.'  If there’s ever a time you need me, I’m there. Because even though the season is over, that bond doesn’t change. I️ Love you guys forever."
Luca Tamer, MHS '18