Good Morning Seniors and Happy May 1st!
As many of you walk around wearing your college shirts today, I am so happy for all of you on whatever journey you have chosen! While it feels like September was just yesterday, we are now only a few short weeks away from graduation! Here are a few points that I wanted to make as there have been many questions about next steps:
  1. MASPETH HS SENIOR EXIT SURVEY: This is a requirement of your graduation from Maspeth High School. This is how your final HS transcript will be sent out to the college that you plan on attending this fall. All colleges require the final HS transcript to verify your grades and complete enrollment in college. You will not receive your TAP Aid without your final HS transcript being sent, making this INCREDIBLY important. 
    **Please log into your Naviance Account under TASKS/TO DOS and look for the MHS SENIOR EXIT SURVEY 2024. If you have any questions, please see myself or Ms. Rodriguez​**
  2. Please complete the 2024 DOE High School Senior Surveysurvey link  by June 26. Note that the survey link includes instructions for completing and submitting the survey. As in prior years, the DOE aims to collect information about students’ postsecondary-planning experiences, their intentions for the fall after graduation, and what influenced their postsecondary decisions. This information goes back to the DOE and is helpful for them in planning activities for the future.
  3. SHOW YOUR PATH, DECORATE A FLAG! Please stop by Room 333 and Grab a flag to decorate. These will be hung up near the Graduation Count down and celebrated by the whole building. I attached what some seniors did last year, but be creative!
  4. COMPLETE FAFSA & TAP Applications: While there is no official deadline for this, once you have made your final decision on where you plan to attend this fall you should be submitting your FAFSA and TAP Applications to make sure you are locking in your Financial Aid for the fall. Here are the links for how to apply:
  5. PROM CONTRACTS & PAYMENT DUE FRIDAY: If you plan on attending Prom in June, the contract and payment is due by this Friday, May 3rd. Please see Ms. Koskinas for more information. 
Please let me know if anyone has any questions!
Caitlin Maceno
School Counselor
Maspeth High School
718-803-7100 X 3331