Welcome Ms. Oddo

Since the pandemic many new teachers were seen but none truly introduced. We weren't able to get to know them because of the screens separating us, but now that we're back in school it seems that with time, their spotlight has faded . One of the teachers that has been wrongly discarded from their introduction is Francesca Oddo. Other than being a new math teacher here at Maspeth, here is some insight that you may not have known about Ms. Oddo.


Oddo started off young in high school when she joined her school's tutoring program. It allowed her to work with many other students that were also younger than her. She had helped these kids learn new things, study for upcoming exams, and helped them pass their classes overall. Oddo came to a realization at how good she actually was at it and quickly grew an interest in it.

Oddo managed to come across Maspeth when she already had a fellow friend who worked here. She had helped her get into Maspeth to do her student teaching here. Oddo also loved the fact that the school was close to home.

Daily schedule

Oddo arrives at Maspeth everyday around 7:15 to 7:30 to have enough time to set up her classroom and check over her agenda for the day. On Mondays Oddo attends the regularly scheduled department and grade level meetings. On Wednesdays, she hosts office hours after school for any students needing any extra help. Once Oddo is done for the day at Maspeth she heads home. Oddo spends her after-school time tutoring children around her neighborhood or teaching a class at St John's university.


In addition to her skilled acts of teaching and her busy schedule, Oddo never seems to disappoint with her outfits. Whether it be a runway or the halls of Maspeth, Oddo will artfully adorn designer items or casual, simple pieces that she can craft into something extraordinary.
When asked about where she gets her outfit inspiration from, Oddo replied, “I get a lot of inspiration just from being on instagram and seeing a lot of people that work in the business world and what they wear.” She continues to speak about having a deep love for fashion and how much she enjoys being able to express herself in these creative and colorful outfits she wears. As a teacher, you are limited to some things but Oddo choses to go all out with what she can. She attends the Maspeth basketball games as a supervisor, and enjoys watching them. While she appreciates basketball, Oddo’s true love relies on baseball. She's an extreme fan, illustrated by the New York Yankees banners hanging around her classroom. During the spring or summer seasons Oddo spends quite a bit of time attending games at Yankee stadium.


When her school day at Maspeth is over, Oddo spoke about attending the gym when she can and getting a good workout in. In particular, she likes weight lifting. Unfortunately, it can often be quite rare to find time to go to the gym in companion with the busy schedule she has obtained. Oddo usually spends a lot of her time watching reality television. Oddo’s favorite show to binge at the moment is The Real Housewives.


Oddo truly believes she has made a difference in her students’ lives. She is not much older than her students, and thus, she feels as if she can relate to many problems that they deal with. It brings her joy that their slight age difference and immense relatability, results in an increase in student interest in the lessons, even if math can be an unpopular subject

Oddo was lastly asked ‘What is your ideal goal for teaching this year?’ She said there were many goals she wanted to accomplish this year but her major one was, as she confided, “To make everyone feel as normal as they did pre-covid.” Oddo desires for everyone to easily grow back into their old ritual and get used to the normality of the original school lifestyle once again.

Overall, as a result of the recurring moments Oddo has had with this school, she’s finally a permanent teacher here. Her peppy and outgoing personality illustriously helps us to feel more comfortable in her classroom. She is a great asset in the further growth of Maspeth.