Mandatory Locker Clean Out @ Maspeth High School

Hello Maspeth High School students,
We will be providing all students one FINAL opportunity to take your belongings from your old lockers. All lockers must be cleaned out by the end of school Monday, September 13th
Any student locks that are still left on lockers after 3pm Monday, September 13th will be clipped, and the items inside will be discarded. 
All students will be assigned new lockers on Tuesday September 14 during Home Room (Period 3). You will receive your locker assignments via email. The email will provide a step by step explanation of how to figure out which locker is yours. All students should bring their own locks to school with them on a Tuesday September 14th. The school does not provide locks. We recommend that students bring a combination Master Lock. 

Please note that students must use the locker assigned to them and may not share lockers with other students. Each student is responsible for the contents of the locker they are assigned.
Stefan Singh
Assistant Principal
Maspeth High School