Last Day of Instruction @ Maspeth High School is June 16

Hello Maspeth High School Community,
The last day of in person instruction for students will be Wednesday June 16th. We have received approval from the Superintendent's Office to use what was originally scheduled as Regents Week as in person instructional support for any students in danger of receiving an incomplete (NX). 
What this means is that every student will receive asynchronous work for their regularly scheduled classes during the last 7 days of school. These asynchronous assignments will be used for enrichment purposes only and cannot be used to negatively impact student's grades. 
Any student who is currently in danger of receiving an NX in any of their courses has already been notified and is expected to attend school in person to receive assistance from their teacher in completing outstanding assignments on the following days:
  • June 17 and 18
  • June 22 - June 25
June 21 will be completely asynchronous for all students to accommodate our in person graduation. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at
Maspeth High School Administration