Paw It Forward @ Maspeth High School

Good Morning Argos!!!

Paw It Forward ( is offering the opportunity for one of our students to design and submit art work to be printed on shirts that will be used for the organization's volunteers and an event at our school featuring our eventual partnership with the organization.  Unfortunately, COVID restrictions have put our plans on hold since March 2020.

In short, Paw it Forward works with community members that are either elderly, disabled or medically unable to care for their pet.  It is a great blend of animal care and human interaction with our most vulnerable community members.  Your art work should represent the intersection of these aspects to be considered.  I recommend checking out the website linked above for inspiration.

All of our students are eligible to participate in this contest - you do not have to be in a specific class or club. 

Contest Rules and Tips:
- All submissions must be made by email to me at - Use Subject Line "Paw It Forward Contest"

- Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2021 at 3:00 PM
- Keep in mind that the artwork is to be printed on a t-shirt - highly complex artwork may not be clothing printer friendly - consider simpler artwork
- There is no limit to how many entries a single student can submit

Good Luck!!!!!
Mr. Blauner
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