Read! Set! Play ball?

It has been a hard year for everyone these past months. Many activities and events have been shut down due COVID 19, not only impacting the Maspeth community, but the city, country, and world. One of those activities that students are missing the most is sports!


Maspeth High School has one of the best and strongest athletic programs within our district, with a total of 29 sports teams. Unfortunately, with the cancellation of most sports, many student athletes at Maspeth find themselves missing out on one of their favorite aspects of school. At the moment there is still no news from PSAL or any other sport leagues announcing when they will be returning. If sports were to return there would definitely be a lot of changes that need to be done in order to protect the safety of its players, which is the number one priority. 


For the players at home who are missing being active and in the field, or even just for those who are bored and still wanna get in shape, there are still other ways that you can engage in physical activity on your own to get a healthy and productive workout. You can maintain a healthy nutritional food diet, work out daily by creating your own workout or by finding a video on Youtube to follow like running, walking, and weight training. The key goal is to stay safe and be healthy, so that when the time comes to restart group sports, everyone can rebuild and be stronger than ever.


According to Ms. Avivi, physical education teacher and coach at Maspeth High School, even though organized sports are currently on hold, there is still so much that each individual student athlete can do right now. Ms. Avivi believes that “everything we do matters [and] if there is one thing that we have right now, it is time to improve.” Avivi added that ultimately, “it is up to each individual athlete to put in the work to improve, whether it is by doing pushups in your bedroom or running sprints in your backyard.” 


Many of us find ourselves inside more often than we are accustomed to due to the pandemic, but Avivi is a firm believer that “we can always improve if we put our mind to it.” So lace up those shoes and get moving!

Source: The Maspeth Messenger