The Curtain Never Falls on Maspeth High School's Theater Department!

Even though COVID-19 has brought countless changes to everyone across the world, the art of theater still continues! This fall, the Theater Department is focused on performing a production of Macbeth! Even though students can’t be on stage to physically perform this year, the cast of Macbeth is excited to see what the director, Ms.Ludlow can put together. 

Macbeth, as everyone knows, is an infamous Shakespearean play. It includes murder, witches, and all sorts of chaos. Instead of seeing all the actors and actresses pull off an amazing performance visually, you will be able to listen to the chaos that Macbeth brings to Scotland. For all the podcast lovers out there, this play is for you, and if you don’t like podcasts well then you might still like it! This play won’t be on stage this year, but you’ll be able to listen to it soon!   The cast would appreciate your support and if you are interested in joining a future “virtual” production, then lookout for more plays in this style throughout the school year.

According to Ms. Ludlow, “Being on camera can be an extremely high focus, so this is a way for experienced voice actors or students that are maybe new to performing are all able to create theater together.” For actors who don’t like to be on stage, these types of plays are perfect for people who love theater but might have stage fright. 

Today, radio plays and podcasts are becoming more popular than ever due to the pandemic. According to Ludlow, “This is a form that is part of our popular culture now and can work remotely”. Students with this form of theater can rehearse and record remotely without the risk for some students to mix with other pods of students. This as well can affect the audience as they can also experience theater remotely. 

Ludlow added that, “Theater has been around for a long time”. In fact, the theater goes as far back as the Greeks who put on public performances as entertainment. Just because there is a pandemic, doesn’t stop true theater kids from performing, whether it is at home or on stage. Ludlow believes that “Theater forces you to spark your imagination and think about what it could be despite the limitations”. Students and especially Ms.Ludlow think that this is the perfect time to use theater to our advantage.

“I have students who have come up to me who have a lot of experience already in films and in editing audio, so it is a great opportunity to showcase the talents of our students,” she said. With this style of play, students get the opportunity to show that theater is more than just the actors themselves, there are also people behind the scenes who do so much for the show overall. Most audience members see the show and the actors and how convincing they are given the circumstance of the show. There are also people that help backstage helping with makeup, props, and even costumes. 

Even though this play is Shakespearian, Ms. Ludlow is confident that the actors will make this play entertaining with the spooky story that is Macbeth. The actors and editors will do their best to make sure that the final recording will be intriguing and equally entertaining. If not one of the witches will probably be after them… maybe. The podcast premiered last week so be sure to look for the link on the Maspeth website and enjoy the show!
Source: The Maspeth Messenger