Maspeth High School Shares . . . AP Updates for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus

Mr. Mevs from Maspeth High School has sent you a message:


Good Day Maspeth Family,

The following information is important news and updates regarding AP Exams:

1) College Board will begin offering AP online classes on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. A schedule of classes, including descriptions of each lesson is available at All classes are available for free and are completely optional (even for students who were not previously registered for AP courses). Students can find the classes at Please note that these classes are not a replacement for your Maspeth High School courses. The AP online courses are simply additional resources for all students. 

2) By April 3, College Board will publish the full exam schedule including the specific free-response question types that will comprise each AP exam.

3) AP exams will take place this year, however, students will not take the test traditionally (at school with pencil and paper) instead students will take AP exams at home.
Students will receive a 45-minute online free-response exam (exact timing to be announced). There will be no multiple-choice questions. They won’t test simple factual recall; instead they’ll be focused on skills and thematic understandings. Students will not be tested on content typically taught in the last 25% of an AP course, as laid out in the unit structure shown in the AP Course and Exam Description. Visit for a list of which units will be included in each AP Exam this year. Your teachers are already aware of these changes and will adjust their curriculum as needed.


A) Students will complete the exam at home, online, on a specified day and time. To minimize conflicts, students will be able to choose from two different test dates, one earlier or one later.


B) Each student’s response will be monitored by plagiarism detection software, and students whose responses mirror content from the web or other students’ submissions will be disqualified. Student responses will be submitted digitally and scored by remote readers. 


4) College Board recognizes the digital divide could prevent some low-income and/or rural students from participating. Working with partners, they will invest so these students will have the tools and connectivity they need to review AP content online and take the exam. (There is a form on the AP Central for Students [] that they can fill out to indicate their needs for mobile tools or connectivity so that they can test.)

I know this situation is not ideal for many families and students, please understand that Maspeth High School and the New York City DOE have no say in the procedures and rules of any College Board Exams and or Curriculum. College Board is an independent corporation that creates instructional materials as well as administers standardized exams. With that said, we remain committed to providing education of the highest possible standard to all Maspeth High School students. Source: College Board - AP Central