Lights, Camera, Action: Chicago!

The curtains are open. The stage is being built. Maspeth High School’s brand new musical is coming soon! The musical that will be performed in the auditorium is Chicago. The musical Chicago is about two murderess locked up in Cook County Jail. One of them for killing her husband and sister. While the other had killed the man that she was having an affair with. Chicago will be performed on February 6, 2020 and   February 7, 2020. The musical is being directed by three teachers this school semester, Ms. Henry, Mr. Wichman, and Ms. Lara. 


All the teachers are working together and each of them have a major part in bringing this musical to life. Ms. Henry is in charge of choreography. Mr. Wichman is in charge of vocals. Ms. Lara is in charge of creating the set.  


Chicago is known to be seen as a “jazzy” production like Cabaret. Which was one of the reasons why Ms. Henry and Mr. Wichman had picked the musical. Ms. Henry described Chicago as “really dance heavy” in which to her opinion “adds to the excitement of the show”.  Even the actresses and actors are excited for the production. 


Giulianna Ballatore the main lead had said “we are treating each other with respect as family would” when asked what is it like working with the other actresses /actors. Even for those working behind the scenes. “Each individual has their own charisma that they during to the production” stated by one of the stagehands Amber Torres.  


Like any great production it starts out small and then it becomes something huge. But even with all the chaos along the way, “somehow it always comes together in the end.”   

The Cast and Roles for the musical Chicago :

Giulianna Ballatore      as Roxie Hart

Sabrina Montablo        as Velma Kelly

Thomas Janjowski       as Amos Hart 

Noah Chaparro            as Billy Flynn

Kirsten Kaufer             as Mary Sunshine

Diana Ivovic                 as Matron “Mama” Morton 

Empress Peebles, Nicole Georgijevski, Laura Puma, Danuta Sikora, Luena Ceci as Murderess                  

Valentia Cuellar           as Sargent Fogerty 

Richie Rommeney       as Fred Casely 

Ian Prada                      as Reporter/ 3rd Reporter

Isabella Razo                as Go- To-Hell Kitty 

Liam McGarvey            as Harry

Alexa White                  as The Judge

Olivia Rodriguez          as Clerk/Ensemble #6

Divine Clarke                as Harrison/Ensemble #1

Asha Younas                as Dancer/Ensemble #4

Cindy Velasques, Kyla Bastisa, Roba Kaid, Humma, Anthony, Emi Kalman, as Ensemble #2, #3, #8, #9, #11, and #12

Paris Brown, Tyler Leaks, Julia Wisniewski, Jasmin Bernal, Gaberiella Rega, as Ensemble Singers

Alexus Burgos, Merolyn Jimenez, Natalie Roman, Karen Baez, Wiktoria Lusinka, Bianca Xie, as Ensemble Dancers 

Source: The Maspeth Messenger