Founders Day @ Maspeth High School

Student leaders of Maspeth High School's Student Government Association and National Honor Society marked the occasion of the 9th Annual Founders Day with a plaque that displays the original letter of intent for a new school submitted by Principal Abdul.
On January 3, 2011 the Department of Education, under the leadership of Chancellor Joel Klein, approved the  proposal for a new school and Maspeth High School was born.
Submitted to the Office of New Schools, the letter, described a school-wide instructional approach using "the ancient Greco-Latin Trivium – a classical methodology existing for over 2,500 years producing great thinkers like Socrates, Copernicus, Galileo, Shakespeare, Von Goethe, Newton and Einstein."
The proposed classical school would "inspire students to become self-motivated learners and high-order thinkers who can utilize information, academics, technology and relationships while becoming outstanding leaders in their chosen fields."
After incubating its first year at the Metropolitan High School Campus, Maspeth High School moved to its current location.  In its nine years of existence, the Maspeth High School Community has been recognized for various achievements, Most recently it was voted "Best of the Boro" in both the "Best Public School" & Best School Spirit" categories.
Five cohorts of seniors have graduated, among them a Gates Millenium Scholar, students accepted to Ivy League schools, and graduates who received full scholarships. Among our alumni are proud members of the United States Armed Forces.
Maspeth High School enters a new decade with its 9th freshman class, sixth graduating class and over 1,000 alumni!!
Maspeth High School will mark its 10th year of service to the community in the 2020-2021 school year with an Anniversary Edition of its yearbook "Abstracta", a memorable Homecoming Celebration, and the graduation of its largest class of seniors.
Stay tuned!!
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