Annual Six Flags Senior Trip Recap

On October 18th, 2019, the class of 2020 celebrated the spooky season of Halloween at Six Flags Fright Fest! Fright Fest is an annual Halloween event held at Six Flags theme parks across the country. Ghouls and zombies take over the park at dusk, and once they’re out there is no escape! 


MHS seniors took the long trek to New Jersey to experience the scares first hand. The night kicked off with the Fright Fest parade where all the ghouls and zombies were presented and released into the park. Clowns, zombies, ghouls, and every kind of creature occupied all corners of the park. Kingda Ka, El Toro, Superman, Batman, and Nitro were just a few of the many rides that the seniors got to ride! Between the daring rides and the jump scares, MHS seniors got just enough scares for Halloween.


When asked about their Fright Fest experience a senior said, “I had a blast! It was totally worth the wait, and I wish I could relive the memories I made!”


It’s great to hear that the senior trip to Six Flags was so much fun! Underclassmen, remember that you can have a chance to experience this trip when you are a senior too! Get excited!

Source: The Maspeth Messenger
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