Maspeth Girls Varsity Volleyball Season Update!

Kicking off this school year, our Volleyball Girls Varsity team has proven to have quite a successful season so far. Through their consistent practices and intense games, they’re working their way to the playoffs!


By this time, the team has won six games, and they continue to strive for more. They have defeated Grover Cleveland and John Adams multiple times. Another school they’ve won against is Beach Channel Educational Campus; in their match on October 2nd, they pulled through with a score of 25-8 in their first match, and finished strong with 25-3 in their second match! Coach Gerald Matacotta expressed that, “we have a good chance, we’re a real solid team.”  He’s “very optimistic as the girls stuck together this year, they came to all the practices and worked hard. They deserve to be in the playoffs.”


Another memorable game was on October 28th against HS for Construction; although our team was defeated, it was “an intense game and so much fun. Both sides were very competitive, which made us push even harder. We reflected on our mistakes and learned from this loss” as said by the defense specialist, Crista Santiago.


Wins don’t always come easy, but the team always puts their best foot forward. While the season is still ongoing, the team is working harder than ever to make it as far as they can, and hopefully make it into the finals.

Source: The Maspeth Messenger
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