Soccer Girls Varsity Kicks Off Season With 5-0 Record

As the days grow colder and the leaves change color, fall of 2019 is officially underway. Though our main focuses may be on drinking our pumpkin-flavored coffees and watching our favorite scary movies, Soccer Girls Varsity is giving it their all this season. Captain and attacker Lina Jaramillo states that, “The season is going very well. Our girls are improving everyday and I’m ready for what’s to come.” Captain and defender Zulecka Fajardo also states, “Our season is great. We’re building a lot of relationships with all of the girls and getting to know everybody’s personalities.”

Although the girls on the soccer team have extraordinary skill, we hear that the most important component of a successful season is the love between the teammates and coaches. “Coming together as one is so important. The chemistry on and off the field is great. Building that one-on-one trust with someone and having a player come to us, comfortable in their own skin, to tell us, ‘I’m having trouble with this, what can I work?’ is crucial. Our chemistry shows on the field, when we score, and the way we talk to each other” Lina states.

Head coach Mrs. Schorr adds onto the statement, telling us that, “passion is very necessary for a team to be successful. I love having girls who want to be part of a soccer team just because they love soccer and love that team camaraderie.” With a 5-0 record to start off the year, Ms. Schorr expresses her hopes to, “continue our winning streak, win the division, and continue onto playoffs so that we could make it to city finals and take home the win this year.” Though they are starting the season off on the right note, it is vital for them to not let their guards down and continue to play with determination.

Mrs. Schorr claims, “we’re facing opponents that we haven’t faced before in the regular season, and so we’re trying to figure out the levels of each team.” Due to their accomplishments in the past, and their 5-0 record in the current season, we asked Lina to give some advice to other Maspeth sports teams to have successful seasons as well. “No one is perfect. It took time for us to get to this point, but we did it. Me and Zulecka are proud of our girls as captains, and at the end of the day, you just have to build a relationship with not just your teammates, but with your coaches, and focus on the essentials.”

With this idea in mind, it is clear that you have the ability to steer your team, your school, and your life toward your goals and eventually achieve them. Wishing the best of luck to the Soccer Girls Varsity team and the rest of the fall sports in the remaining games of their season.