Fall Sports Tryouts @ Maspeth High School

Try outs are required in order to be considered for team positions for both new players and returning ones.

Anyone interested in managing for the team will also need to show up to try outs at the same time and the same place.

Anyone interested in playing MUST have a valid medical form and parental consent form on file. You may bring these forms to tryouts and they will be accepted if they are not already on file at the school. You can access the forms using the links below if you do not already have them:

Parental Consent:



(NOTE: this is a NEW form and it MUST be this format to be accepted): 


NOTE: Medical forms MUST have a valid doctors STAMP AND SIGNATURE in order to be accepted by PSAL. (Remind your doctors of this!)

Students will NOT be allowed to play without BOTH of these forms turned in or on file. As a reminder, medical forms are valid for one full calendar year, while parental consent forms must be filled out for each individual sport every season.

If there are ANY questions or concerns about anything in this email (or not in this email), please email the team coach.