Maspeth High School AP Doubles As MC

Good Afternoon students, parents, faculty and administration and welcome to Maspeth High School’s Graduation for the class of 2019. What a ride it has been these past 4 years, full of highlights and lowlights, joy and stress, Laughter and Drama….but enough about my life, let’s talk about all the seniors who are here today.

The Class of 2019 has played a huge role in helping this school become what it is today. Maspeth High School is a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and one of the most sought out high schools within the entire New York City Department of Education. This year 5,887 students applied to begin their high school career at Maspeth. A career that you all started 4 short years ago, and now with a blink of an eye you are off into the real world.

And as you walk out the doors today I’d like to leave you with a few words of advice.  Insecurity and putting too much value on the opinion of others will prevent you from doing what ultimately makes you happy in life.  As I look out into the audience today I wonder how many of you didn’t try out for a sport team because you felt you wouldn’t be good enough to make it, or how many of you didn’t audition for the school play because you were concerned what others might think of you. I’m here today to tell you, enough is enough.  You are enough, you have always been enough, and the thoughts and opinions of the doubters in your life only matter if you let them.

Many people in the audience today have posted a picture on Instagram and removed it after a couple of hours because they didn’t get enough “likes.” We value the likes, we want the likes, we need the likes. The thing is, the only like that you actually matters is your own. Like what you do, like who you are and good things are sure to follow.  

If it’s a push you need, then let this day be your driving force. You are no longer high school students, so there is no need to act like one. After today, stop caring so much about what other people think of you, go on, and live the life you choose. I promise it will make all the difference.


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