School Vice-President Bids Farewell To Seniors

Four years ago, we walked into the brick building of Maspeth High School. None of us knew what to expect, but we all got through it together. From being anxious, squeaky clean freshman, to bold, rebellious, and careless seniors, we have made it. Today is bittersweet; it marks the ending of our high school career, and the beginning of an era of self sufficiency and independence. 

I’d like to thank you for all the monumental moments we have shared. We all have stories worth sharing, and they will echo through the halls of Maspeth even after we leave. We’re all different—that’s the beauty of our graduating class. We all have different passions to chase, but all of us will try to quote on quote leave a legacy. Just remember: legacy isn’t how many commas are in our bank accounts, but instead measured with how many lives we have touched and the relationships we’ve fostered.

Class of 2019, I wish you nothing short of the very best and endless happiness. Live boldly, but most importantly live well. With that, for the last time, I’d like to welcome the Student Body President and my best friend: Julianna Bondi

Isabelle Gozdyra '19

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