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CAASS Parent Notification

Each morning, your child is required to swipe into school using our Comprehensive Attendance Administration and Security System (CAASS).  This system makes it much easier for you to keep track of your child’s attendance. CAASS Notifications will enable us to provide you with the following alerts:

-          The time and date that your child arrives to school

-          The time and date when your child arrives late

-          The time and date that your child leaves school (except for standard dismissal)

To “opt-in” simply complete the form online. You will be able to select the type of notifications that you want to receive and the method – e-mail or text – through which you receive them. This service is free to use, although text messaging rates may apply, and you are free to opt out at any time by contacting the school. Once we receive complete this online form, you will begin to receive the text or email notifications of your choice within a few days. 

  • The data will be added upon confirmation that the data submitted is consistent with the official ATS school records on file. 

    1. Enter the student name and OSIS (student ID number).
    2. Enter your the parent/guardian name (only 1 person may be listed).
    3. Enter the preferred method of contact (you can only choose 1).
    4. If you select text message, be sure to enter the phone service provider.
Please indicate your permission where Maspeth High School may notify you by email and/or text messaging. Check ll boxes where applicable.*
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