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Chess Club

Chess Club meets on Tuesdays 2:45-3:45 p.m., in room 417

Club Advisor: Mr. Peter Kwon 

Club President: 

It doesn't matter if you're a pro or an amateur! All are welcome!

"When you see a good move, look for a better one!" —Emanuel Lasker

Check out our Maspeth High School's Chess members' ratings online! Click on the following link and look up player names using their last name first.

Player/Rating Lookup

Ahn, Toby

Chen, Yiuo Ping

Garcia, Miguel Angel

Lam, Vincent

Lauren, Rapha

Lee, Carlson

Mehta, Jainam

Zaurelli, Gonzalo

 The Chess Club this year, 2013-14, has great plans! All Chess members will become rated players; that is, they will have their own official profile and Chess rating kept online through the United States Chess Federation (USCF). After becoming rated players, Chess Club members will travel around NYC (and perhaps even out-of-state) to compete in well-known and prestigious tournaments. The Chess Club already boasts a few victories in local non-rated tournaments hosted by New incoming students will be encouraged to compete in these tournaments as well.

EXCITING NEWS: Maspeth HS has invited Chess Grandmasters (GM) from NYC Chess Inc. to come to play, teach, and advise our Chess students in all three stages of the game—opening, middle game, end game. This year, GM Irina Krush has been coming to give lessons! ( She is doing a phenomenal job with teaching our students positional play—being aware of harmony" (pieces working well together), fighting for space, and knowing when to hold back from striking until the right moment. She gives lessons on Thursdays from 3:15-4:15 in Room 418. Come stop by to see her teach! 

Note: To achieve a GM status means that Chess players must compete with the best of the best around the world to receive a rating of 2500 or higher. Please check out the links below for further information on the types of ranks. Keep in mind that the USCF and FIDE have slightly differing ranking systems.

Websites to check out:   --   United States Chess Federation website   --   World Chess Federation website   --   Learn basic to advanced strategies and tactics!   --   Look for the best moves!


QUEENS DAY CHESS TOURNAMENT @ P.S. 150, Sunnyside, 10/26/13

—We are very pleased to announce that our team took the 1st Place (Rapha Lauren), 2nd Place (Carlson Lee), and 3rd Place (Gonzalo Zaurelli) awards as well as the 1st Place Team award ! Congratulations to the Chess Team!

QUEENS DAY CHESS TOURNAMENT @ P.S. 150, Sunnyside, 11/23/13

—We are very pleased to announce that our team took the 1st Place (Carlson Lee), 2nd Place (Yuio Ping Chen), and 3rd Place (Miguel Angel Garcia) awards as well as the 1st Place Team award ! Congratulations to the Chess Team!


Garodnick Chess Tournament, 3/15/14

—The members of Maspeth's Chess Team are now officially rated! Check out their ratings on!

—On Saturday, 3/15, the Chess Team played their first ever rated tournament, which consists of more serious and difficult players. Still, we were able to get through it with impressive results! The Chess Team took 1st Place (Yiuo Ping Chen) and 2nd Place (Rapha Lauren) for individual trophies and 1st Place for Team standings. We're definitely going back to get more!


Think carefully. Move gracefully. Take fiercely!