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Supply List

Supply List

Recommended (not mandatory) Supply List

(Each individual teacher may have a mandatory supply list of their own.  Please refer to their course syllabus when distributed.

    •    Four Five Star Spiral Notebooks (for class notes)
    •    Pack of Loose-leaf (for collected home-work)
    •    Folders
    •    Pencils
    •    Pens
    •    Ruler
    •    Two 1" (or more) three-ring binders
    •    Dividers (to create sections in the binder)
    •    Index cards
    •    Sneakers
    •    (If you are taking Integrated Algebra) -TI-30 Calculator
    â—¦    (This is the Texas Instruments calculator - there are a few different styles of the TI-30 series, but they are all essentially the same. So students may purchase whichever one is most available or most attractive to them)
    •    (If you have passed Integrated Algebra and are taking Integrated Geometry) - Graphing Calculator (Preferable: Texas Industries: Ti-83 Plus or Ti-84 Plus, but any later model Texas Industries will do)
    •    Pocket dictionary that you must bring to school every day.
    •    White-out (which is only to be used at home)
    •    Stapler and extra staples (a small travel size stapler is fine)
    •    A pencil sharpener
    •    1 package of medium binder clips
    •    A library card. It's $2.00.
    •    Colored Pencils (for maps)
    •    Post-it flags (to mark pages)
    •    A three-hole punch (for home)
    •    A personal combination lock for use of gym lockers (no key locks)