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New York City Government - Executive Branch/City Wide Offices

In Citywide offices, Maspeth High School is represented by:
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The Government of New York City, headquartered at New York City Hall in Lower Manhattan, is organized under the New York City Charter and provides for a mayor-council system. The mayor is elected to a four-year term and is responsible for the administration of city government. Executive Branch


The Mayor


The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city and a magistrate


Other citywide offices


Public Advocate

The Public Advocate is an elected official with responsibility to ease public relations with the government, investigate complaints regarding city agencies, mediate disputes between city agencies and citizens, serve as the city's ombudsman and advise the mayor on community relations.The Public Advocate is a member of the Council. The Public Advocate stands first in line of succession to the mayoralty.


The Comptroller conducts performance and financial audits of all city agencies, serves as a fiduciary to the city's five public pension funds totaling nearly $160 billion in assets, provides comprehensive oversight of the city's budget and fiscal condition, reviews city contracts for integrity, accountability and fiscal compliance, manages the fair, efficient and effective resolution of claims against the city, ensures transparency and accountability in the prevailing wage rate-setting process and enforces prevailing wage and living wage laws.

The Comptroller stands second, after the Public Advocate, in the line to succeed a mayor who has become unable to serve.