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School History

Maspeth High School was founded in 2011 by Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir who proposed a classical high school model to the New York City Department of Education in December 2010. His proposal was accepted on January 4, 2011 and matched to the newly constructed Maspeth High School campus building for opening the following September. Originally co-located on the Queens Metropolitan Campus, the school moved to its permanent home during its second year. The school was built to serve the families of New York City's Geographic District 24, which includes Corona, Elmhurst, Glendale, Jackson Heights, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, and Woodside.

Maspeth High School is a traditional, open enrollment, district public school. Currently Maspeth High School serves grades 9-12 and has 1209 students. Maspeth High School has over 40 clubs and currently has 27 varsity sports teams. Maspeth's teams are known as the Argonauts.

Maspeth High School's classical education model is based on a language-intensive and inquiry-centered approach to education that has existed for over 2,500 years and produced great minds such as Socrates, Copernicus, Galileo, Shakespeare, Goethe, Newton, and Einstein. Our faculty bases their instruction on the development of reading, writing, computation, problem solving and public speaking skills. Our students are taught to question the world that surrounds them and to set only the highest academic, social and physical expectations for themselves. To achieve these goals, Maspeth High School students participate regularly in Socratic seminars, debates, declamations, and inquiry-based laboratory experiments.

The principal designed our school to utilize a distributive leadership model, and since the school's inception teacher leaders and teams have been major contributors to student success. Two roles of considerable significance are those of department leaders and grade level leaders. Each academic department annually elects a peer as the department chair, who then reports to a supervising assistant principal. Department chairs are responsible for leading weekly professional development for their team, and ensuring vertical alignment of the curriculum. Grade level leaders are also elected annually by their peers. Grade level teams meet weekly during the school day to discuss students of concern and to ensure horizontal alignment of the curriculum across disciplines.

In addition to leading teacher teams, teachers assume numerous roles throughout the school which are often reserved for administrators. These roles include deans, coordinators of student activities, programmers, testing coordinators, and mentor coordinators. All Maspeth High School teachers are provided the opportunity to demonstrate their capacity for leadership in the aforementioned roles, or by serving as the advisor of a club or coach of a sports team. This dedication to shared leadership has fostered a sense of collective ownership and commitment to the success of all students.

Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, we implemented a dean's assistant program to provide students with the opportunity to assume a leadership role in the school. These students are selected and trained by the school's deans to conduct peer mediation and provide administrative support within the dean's office. This year we introduced our P.E. Leaders program; students who are accepted into this program enroll in a preparation period with our physical education department chair that prepares them to co-facilitate physical education classes. Also new this year is the role of advisory leaders, senior students assigned to facilitate advisory groups of underclassmen. Advisory leaders guide their groups in team-building activities and conversations about issues taking place within the school and at home. The advisory program is structured to provide freshmen and sophomores with social and emotional guidance, whereas junior advisory groups focus on college and career readiness.

One of our school's primary goals is to provide every graduate with a transition plan for post-secondary education, employment or both. The school's first graduating class received their diplomas at the conclusion of the 2014-15 school year; 97% of students in that senior class graduated with at least a New York State Regents diploma. In the following years, the school has maintained a graduation rate of greater than 97%, while increasing its college readiness score by 24%. The school has made several strategic decisions to improve college and career readiness for our students, from shifting the structure of our advisory to focus on preparing students for a post-secondary transition to changing our support network to the City University of New York Affinity Group - a collaborative of schools in the New York City Department of Education with a shared commitment toward college and career readiness.

Since its inception, Maspeth High School has been the recipient of numerous honors, both nationally and regionally. Maspeth High School was recognized as a bronze medal school by U.S. News and World Report during the 2014-15 school-year and is designated as a silver medal school beginning with the 2016-17 school year. The school has also been recognized by local media outlets, such as the New York Post, which designated the school as number 21 of its annual "Top 40 Public High Schools in NYC" feature in 2017. The school has also been the recipient of New York City's Green Apple Award from 2012-2016, recognizing the considerable efforts of our students and staff to minimize waste and conserve energy; the school is also the first-ever recipient of the city's Zero Waste Award (2017) and was honored as a "Respect For All" model school for the past two years (2015-2017).