MasPeth hIgh celebrates PI

Hello Team!
Pi-Day will take place on Wednesday, March 14thIt will be the following B-Day schedule
          9th and 12th grade will go down to the gym 8th Period
          10th and 11th grade will go down to the gym 9th Period
     - I would also like to compile a list of teachers who would like to volunteer to get "Pied in the face" by the students.
     - I would also like two volunteers (One for 8th period and one for 9th period)
       to participate in the Pie Eating Contest
A separate email will follow with more information for teacher who wish to volunteer.
All other teachers, if you could circulate inside the gymnasium that would be great. There will be members of math club at each station.
Here is how the gymnasium will be set up...
Pie in the face will start 10 minutes into each period outside the gym by the stairs.
Pie eating contest will take place Last 15 minutes of each period.​
1. Pi Recitation
          - Students will recite digits of pi (3.14159.....) Winner will get a Pie
2. Art Contest
          - Art work will be displayed and students will vote for their favorite piece
3. Hula Hoop
          - There will be a section for students to show off their hula-hooping skills
4. Gumball Guess
          - Students will guess the number of gumballs in a jar. Closest guess without going over will win a Pie
5. Ring Toss
          - Students will toss a ring at different cones to try to win small prizes
6. Pie Eating Contest
          - 2 students from each grade and a teacher will battle it out to see who can eat a full pie the fastest
7. Pie a Teacher in the Face
          - Students will pay $2 to pie a teacher in the face. There will be whipped cream or shaving cream