Maspeth High's School Leader Addresses Class of 2019 Graduates

Good afternoon everyone and welcome!

Maspeth High School graduating class of 2019, you are the 5th group of students that have graduated from our school. As you graduate from Maspeth, many members of our first graduation class are now graduating from college. It's hard for me to believe that we have been around so long and that some of our alum are now fully grown adults with college degrees and careers. 

So what are the next steps for you?

Where do you see yourself in four years?

Whatever your next steps are and wherever they will take you is mostly up to you. After high school, some of you will continue down the pathway to the destination that you have already decided on and some of you will reinvent yourselves and end up in at a destination that may have never crossed your mind as a high school student. 

What I personally believe is that it's not so much the destination that matters the most, it's the journey. It's the people that you encounter along the way, the lessons you learn, the adversity you push your way through and the failures that you learn from and overcome. 

What are the core values of Maspeth High School?

What are your core values?

Stick to your core values and let your core values guide you through the next chapter of your life. When you are faced with difficulty stay true to who you are and gather as much information as possible before you act on things.

I wish you much success in this next chapter of your life and I salute all of the parents, family, guardians and supporters who have raised you and guided you to this point in your lives.

Thank you very much!


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